**Happy Holidays**



Team Acceptance into the BWVC is guaranteed if the team registration is complete/verified and the entry fee is paid by the initial entry fee deadline of 1/8/2019.  We reserve the option to add teams after the deadline if there is space available and the format numbers can accommodate the additional teams.  Yet, this is not a given.

Total Bid distributions are dependent upon adequate field size.**

Divisions Offered in 2018  All Divisions Play on all 3 days.

  1. BulletOpen Divisions Offered: 14s (9)**, 15s (9), 16s (10), 17s (10), 18s (10) (Bids)

  2. BulletUSA Divisions Offered: 16s (6), 17s (4), 18s (6) (Bids)

  3. BulletClub Divisions Offered: 14/13, 15/16, 18/17  (No Bids)

**Additional teams need for total distribution of allocated bids.

Important Information

  1. Bullet2019 BWVC registration is open on AES. click

  2. BulletTeams are required to bring 2 clean AES rosters to checkin before play.

   (If roster changes are necessary at checkin, a fee will be charged!)

The WVC is a Stay to Play event!  (Policy updated 8/6/2019)

Per Stay to Play provisions (click above): Your team must stay in the tournament block to Participate!

  1. BulletHotel Reservations: Click WVC Hotels above

For general WVC event information, please click the links at the top of the page. 


        For Girls Winter Volleyball Championship (GWVC) info go to: 2nd City Volleyball



                             Molten Wisconsin Volleyball Festival

                                        March 9 and 10, 2019

                                          UW-Parkside in Kenosha, WI


    Two Days of great competition for Boys/Girls.  Join us!  Registration is open on AES.



                         2019 (Boys) Winter Volleyball Championship

                 January 19, 20, 21, 2019

                Chicago McCormick Place Hall F

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